Friday, October 9, 2015

Painting Fall Foliage "plein air" in the Poconos by Cheryl Kugler

Last week, a small group of painters from the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painter's participated in an overnight "paint out" at Graystone Preserve in the Poconos. The preserve is located near Hickory Run State Park in eastern Pennsylvania.

The incredible views were mesmerizing and so were the gorgeous colors of the changing Fall foliage. It made it difficult to pick a scene to paint plein air. However, rain quickly narrowed down a painting spot - the big porch of our rented cabin. 

Still fresh on the easel, here's the painting that came out of my hands onto canvas:

Autumn Topaz and Pine
8" x 16"
Oil on Canvas
by Cheryl Kugler

More photos of Graystone Preserve and behind the scenes painting photos can be seen over on my artist blog.


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Nice, Cheryl-why do't you put it in the SVPAP show?