Rules of Participation

Rules of Participation for the Daily Painters of Pennsylvania Blog
(under construction)

1. Members are juried.
2. All members must create a personal blog and link it to the group blog.
3. All members must use the profile page as a bio/resume.
4. Members must post to the blog at least 2 times a month. If a member does not post at least twice a month, their membership can be terminated.  Posting is vital to the growth of the blog.
5. No nudity or lewd content. The blog is family friendly.
6. Membership is currently $5 a month.
7. The purpose of the group is to work as a team to maintain an active blog site.
8. Most members are gallery represented. We promote the relationship between the artist, the gallery and the collector. Our purpose is not to work around the galleries that represent our work.