Saturday, September 21, 2013

Make Your Own Kind of Music. ATC. Shelby Pizzarro

Make Your Own Kind of Music. ATC
Art, Dance, Literature, and Music is the language the Muse uses to speak to me. It could be seeing an inspired piece of choreography, an extraordinary painting, hearing a moving piece of music, or reading thought-provoking passage.

I recently took part in an Artist Trading Card swap. The theme was "Red". I found the photo of the woman in my collection. Her auburn hair was perfect for the challenge. I had the TV on while looking through my photos and heard a phrase from Cass Elliot's song, "Make Your Own Kind of Music". Synchronicity again...or just a nudge from the Muse?

The substrate is heavy watercolour paper. I started by dying the paper with various shades of bleeding art tissue. I then rubber stamped the card with sheet music for the background. I added the main image next followed by a French postage stamp, art paper, handmade paper, and more rubber stamping. To finish the card, I added Distress Inks to the edge and sprayed the card with Color Shine "Sweet Cherry" to complete the aura of "Red".

The lyrics of the song keep rolling around in my mind..."make your own kind of music...sing your own special song...even if nobody else sings along." Being true to yourself in Art and in Life is the easiest way to be your most authentic self. And your most authentic self is the greatest gift you can share.


Sue Marrazzo said...

NICE POST, Shelby!
"Trust yourself" is such a good theme!

Debra Kreiger said...