Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gazebo, 10 x 8" oil en plein air, Jill Peckelun

I met so many people when I painted this piece in a local park.  There were Bob and Bobo, his pug, who told me all about the Japanese block print paintings he found when he cleaned out his mother's apartment building.  Bob, that is, not Bobo.  I was just squeezing out my paint onto the palette when they stopped by and knew from the subject matter and the conversation that that would have an effect on the painting.  Later on there was Will, who grew up in the same county as me, went to the same college as me, had a father who worked in the same business as mine, had a mother who passed away from the same illness as mine, and whose name rhymes with my own.  By the end of what was obviously a lengthy conversation we felt a freaky connection- like we were some kind of twins.  Sometimes when people chat me up while I work I feel like if the work succeeds it is despite the distraction.  But in this case, it was the opposite.  I think the painting succeeded because of all that wonderful connection and energy between me, Bob, Bobo, Will and that other couple and their dog who stopped but for a moment.  Thank you all! 


Sue Marrazzo said...

Jill...What a nice balance of warm/cool colors!

Debra Kreiger said...

Wonderful story and painting!