Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More from San Miguel.

"Arches", 10 x 8", Pastel on Wallis.

This one was a painting I did during my first painting day in a city.
We started nice and easy, but whole event turned into total chaos,
when cars and vans starting pulling to "El Jardin" - central square
of San Miguel where our group was working this day.
Turned out - crowd was gathering for movie shoot.
One of popular Mexican soap operas, what they call "Telenovela".
So we got to participate in sort of "Painting with the stars" event
without any fair warning.
Many bystanders were kicked out of the square by TV crew,
but they let us paint and worked things around...
What was indeed very nice, as bunch of foreigners with easels
definitely weren't part of the script.
I was working on my first painting in the most far corner in weak hope
it is safe place to be and I was dead wrong.
Long story short - I got to paint  right on camera
and my dear spouse had too much fun with that fact....
Regardless... I finished the painting.

Next one I did at the end of day 2, it was basically quick street-sketch
on 9 x 6" piece of Pastel Premier paper.
I finished it later in studio without addition many details...
It was all about forms and shapes, not a small things.

"Shapes of City", 9 x 6", Pastel.

Hard to believe, it was just week ago now,
when we are back in PA and buried in a snow...
It was too much fun!


Sue Marrazzo said...

Love the series!
A super post, too.

Sunny said...

What an awesome experience! I enjoyed reading about it. Love the colors!

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, ladies!
I still do not know how did we pulled it out at the middle of winter, but somehow we did...And it was great!