Saturday, May 17, 2014

Camp Hill Quick Draw by Tatiana Myers

 Had wonderful day at Quick Draw in Camp Hill.
Found a beautiful stone house surrounding by all sorts of blooming bushes
and went for it. Had two hours to start and finish my project, including framing.

 Everybody was extremely nice. people even moved their cars so 
those wouldn't be blocking my view. Light was not easy today,
but my sketch was very helpful to keep concept about
"where do I want my highlights".

Another 30-40 minutes would make it picture perfect... But...
this is what Quick Draw is about - time limits.

 Finished look - beautiful Plein Air frame and Museum acrylic.

Got a lot of compliments to this work and better yet - it got sold
to the nice lady - owner of that beautiful house I painted that day.
Tomorrow - last day of event.,,, Even more things could happen, but we will see.


Sue Marrazzo said...

'Congrats on the sale!

Julie Riker said...

Congratulations on the sale and for making it through a quick draw event...not an easy feat.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, ladies! Julie, it was my first participation in quick draw. I had doubts, of course. But the good thing was I normally set myself for about 2 hours of Plein Air work at one session and normally can be done with that. I do put some accents at later time and this is the luxury I didn't have this weekend.... But it was not that scary, as I expected. And music was rather helpful. :-)