Monday, April 28, 2014

View from Devil's Den

I finished this pastel over the weekend. It's done on toothed paper, which I'm trying to appreciate as a pastel surface. I like the textured papers much better, but I have a lot of this and would like to find a way to work with it. For this one, I employed the use of color-shapers in some areas. (I took this photo a few years ago on just a perfect day; the painting really doesn't do the view, or the day, justice.)
My fine art website: South Mountain Sketchbook


Charlotte Yealey said...

Sometimes when an artist returns to a surface that was not favored in the past,a new direction of techniques happen with satisfying results. I discovered this myself so I try to never give up. This pastel is beautiful and will attract attention to many.

Sue Marrazzo said...

This is so detailed....NICE WORK as always, Dianne!

Tatiana Myers said...

Lovely work and lovely color palette!.. So what paper did You use for this one?..