Monday, November 18, 2013

"Turquoise Waters", 6 x 6" Pastel by Tatiana Myers.

"Turquoise Waters", 6 x 6" Pastel.

..And the most recent small pastel on  Wallis 
submitted for consideration into
2013 Randy Higbee's 6X6 juried show in California.
Show results supposed to be sent out sometime today...
Meanwhile Randy is going over around 1000 entries
from all over country.
This event getting to be very popular among both categories -
artists and collectors
Last year's event had 180 sales. So much about it...
Now I may only wait and hope...


Mary Beth Brath said...

Lovely entry Tatiana. How does framing work for Randy's exhibit? Do you have to use a specific frame? The exhibits always looks soooo wonderful.

Sue Marrazzo said...

Best of Luck, Tatiana ( :

Tatiana Myers said...

Mary Beth, I really can not tell You much about the framing, because they DO change rules this year and the same might happen next year, if something doesn't work out... As for now, You have to use Randy's frames, so whole show look uniformed and no surprised. However, if You work on cradled panel or wrapped canvas, you can get away without the frame, randy just posted it on FB the other day. Out of area artists are welcome to ship it unframed and they can frame it for You before the show. Cost will depend on what type of art work You have, what frame is used and what is the glazing option. I do my own framing, therefore sometime this week frames should arrive (considering, if I'm in the show), I'll frame everything and ship it in. It shouldn't be too expensive to ship as with any small work, plus I'll be using Museum acrylic for those, what unlikely glass is just about indestructible, therefore I do not have to use expensive shipping boxes and can get away with much lesser expenses. Still... with frames, entry fees and glazing, I'll have to invest in this show minimum $200. Nothing is cheap now days.