Monday, November 18, 2013

"Wellfleet Marketplace" by Larry Lerew

"Wellfleet Marketplace" by Larry Lerew Fine Art Studio
11" x 14", Acrylic on Watercolor Paper 
Inspired by the charming seaside town of Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA


Mary Beth Brath said...

Very nice Larry. I love the angles in the composition.

Larry Lerew said...

Thanks Mary Beth! I love mixing perspective drawing with loose and spontaneous painting. How many overlaps can you find? If I taught a class on perspective this painting would be a great example of stepping things back into the distance.

Sue Marrazzo said...

It has lots of movement...PRETTY COOL, Larry.

Larry Lerew said...

Thanks Sue,
I like a painting I feel I can step into and walk around.

Sharon K Benner said...

Your paintings are always so interesting and colorful!

Larry Lerew said...

Thanks Sharon,
Color is always fun for me and developing interest can sometimes be a challenge. I really appreciate your feedback and knowledge of what we all go through every time we paint.