Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art at the Winery I & II by Dianne Lorden

Hello everyone - I've been having the weirdest time trying to post for several weeks now. I'll bet the blogger made techy updates to the platform and my OS is sort of out of date. Hope this looks OK when it goes live! I spent all day Saturday at the Hauser Estate Winery doing plein air (and sampling hard ciders and gadding about in general). I was there as part of an Adams County Arts Council annual event called Art at the Winery. It was hot but a great day. Above are two plein air: the top one, "Feeling Casual," which features my husband reading his newspaper on Hauser's lovely deck, is done on toothed paper (Fabriano Tiziano); and the bottom one, of the familiar view down the hill of the "Historic Round Barn," is done on Colorfix sanded pastel paper. 
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