Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Private ART Lessons by Sue Marrazzo

Here is a look into 2 recent Private ART Lesson Classes with my student Mrinalini at the Art Center School and Galleries. In this class we worked with professional acrylic paints, different acrylic mediums, brushes, and palette knives. We worked on a stretched canvas and worked in layers. This was an experimental mixed media lesson. This is 2 classes worth of work shown in these few photos. Mrinalini is working to finish this up, and when I have a photo of her finished painting, I will post it for the DPP community to see. 
Great Work Mrinalini!

Private Lessons with Sue Marrazzo are currently available for 2013 at:
The Art Center School and Galleries, Mechanicsburg, PA


Shelby Pizzarro said...

Looks like a fun class!

Sue Marrazzo said...

We both had fun painting, and learned in the process!