Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Autumn 2015

Since I have been sending out a monthly newsletter I have been giving the news more thought.  Why is it that the news consists of disastrous things that happen in the world?  Every day wonderful things happen as well.  These stories are usually presented as "human interest" if at all.
I am taking a personal stand for good news starting today.  This fall was a real stunner.  Autumn in the Northeast is always nature's inadvertent gift to humanity before the grey of winter sets in, but this year the combination of lots of rain in the spring and warmer weather in the fall left us with color that was spectacular and long lasting.  Even now as I look out my window the sun is lighting up the brilliant red of the trees in my yard.
So here is a short story hot off the presses.

Watch video for on the spot reporting!


The opening shots are from my yard featuring my two Katsura trees, which not only turn a brilliant yellow, but smell like burnt sugar in the fall.  The remaining footage is from Chanticleer gardens.

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Sunny said...

Cheering you on, Nancy! a wonderfully thoughtful pick-me-up!