Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Skillie at Menemsha, Watercolor by Linda Young

Taking artistic liberty, I combined several photos to create this painting.  The white boat was named but I decided not to put it onto the boat; it was more about the reflections of the larger boat and the surrounding colors really spoke to me. 

Then, there was that little boat in the foreground.  The flat bottom boat was slowly being pulled down underneath the board as the tide was coming in.  In photographing the Menemsha area, I kept returning to the two crafts and noticed the little boat's bow was pointing upward as the stern was being pulled under.  The list of the little boat was to the starboard side and I often wonder if it ever sank. 

I'll never know for sure; but the tension of not knowing or if the man ever noticed what was happening....  Remains a mystery.
The Skillie at Menemsha 15 x 22" watercolor by Linda Young

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