Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU. Collage. Shelby Pizzarro

I'm Looking Through You - Collage
Change is the only constant in life. How often have you pondered this quote? We welcome change when we feel we are moving in a direction that is good for us. We resist when we are uncertain of what a change hold for our future.

"Looking" is the theme of the Journal sent to me as part of a round-robin Journal exchange. When it arrived, it was like opening a jewelled treasure. The completed pages were incredible, glowing with colour, vision and creativity.

I knew this Journal was on the way to me. Prompted by the theme, The Beatles song, "I'm Looking Through You" kept playing through my mind. The lyrics tell the story of Paul McCartney's relationship with actress Jane Asher. At the time, they were growing apart, each following their own path. They didn't see eye to eye on how the relationship was to move forward.

The substrate for the page is heavy white paper. Working my way through a few fashion magazines I had at hand, ripping out photos I liked, I arbitrarily glued them down to the Journal page. My Muse was with me, and everything just seemed to "fit". I got out an alphabet rubber stamp set in a font I really like. With indigo coloured ink, I randomly stamped the lyrics to the song. Stenciling metallic acrylic paint over the glued images completed the page.

Change. When we become aware of a transformation in others, doesn't it mirror a shift we are experiencing in ourselves? For good or bad, change will always be with us. How do you recognise the winds of change?

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