Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Pure Innocence", silk painting, Tatiana Myers.

"Pure Innocence", 12 x 9", 
Silk, dyes.

I wanted to try it for a while, but never did...
Last month  I got bitten by creativity and finally purchased
modest set of American-made silk dyes and some fabric
to test it on... Plus of course some chemicals...
This is my #1 try out on silk painting. 
Model for the "Innocence" was our Fox Terrier "Sasha",
who being a Fox Terrier is anything, but "innocent".
I enjoyed my painting session, no pressure of any sort,
just do it and let see what happens... 
I still need to "fix" those dyes, so piece will be washable.
Didn't get a chance to do that yet.
Hopefully that will work out well....
Mean while I'm thinking of starting next piece.


Sue Marrazzo said...


Clare Klaum said...

AWESOME PIECE! Love the mischievous look! Will you frame this or make it into something like a pillow?

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Ladies!
Clare - framed and matted.That was suppose to be practice piece - my first work on silk ever, but it turned out flawless, so I framed it and it went to my good friends house as a BD gift... they have one of our Fox Terriers and now have a painting too.