Saturday, April 4, 2015

400 Wine Glasses. Fundraisers for a Good Cause. Shelby Pizzarro

On The Road With Vincent
What would you do with four hundred wine glasses? Paint them, of course!

I live in Central Pennsylvania. The Art Center School and Galleries of Mechanicsburg and the Downtown Mechanicsburg Partnership are holding two fundraisers in April and May. The decorated wine glasses are a feature of the events.

I'm used to the head scratching feeling of "what will I do next" when confronted by a blank piece of paper or a computer screen. But a wine glass??? 

Visions of a "Mad Men" late night soiree got me thinking. I could imagine the drinks swirling around the glass with wild abandon! And that lead me to a book I am reading: "Johanna- A Novel of the van Gogh Family" by Claire Cooperstein. The novel is a "factional" account of Johanna's life after the death of Theo, Vincent's brother. I enjoy why not combine the two?

Anyone interested in the event met at the Art Center. Enthusiastic painters filled tables that were set up with boxes of cleaned glasses and a plethora of paint and brushes. Although it was cold and dreary outside, the atmosphere was one of convivial collaboration. Colour was everywhere with each person decorating their glass in their unique style. The finished glasses quickly filled a table ready for the last phase of the process: baking. Standing before them reminded me of seeing light shining through rose windows at the Notre Dame in Paris. The glasses were just as vibrant and true to their makers.

The photos show my efforts. Inspired by Vincent van Gogh's use of colour I swirled my way through a set of six glasses. I want to thank Cindi and Mary Beth for providing the photos.

"Starry Night"
Three hundred glasses are scheduled to go on sale at the Earth Day Festival in Mechanicsburg on April 18th. Your purchased glass allows wine sampling at over twenty-five selected business in the downtown Mechanicsburg area on May 9th's Art & Wine Walk. All of the money raised goes back into community events.

One hundred glasses are for sale on May 2nd for the Art Center's Spring Fundraiser Gala at the Hershey Vineyards. And you thought Hershey only produced chocolate! The money raised helps to fund the Art Center's vibrant diverse activities.

For detailed information, visit their websites at: The Art Center School and Galleries of Mechanicsburg and Downtown Mechanicsburg Partnership.

I think anyone drinking from the beautiful glasses will not only share in a great fundraiser, but will also be filled with the spirit of the artist who lovingly painted it.


Sue Marrazzo said...

Good LUCK to the A.C.
Your glasses look pretty COOL!!!!!

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Thanks! It was so much fun...and for such a good cause. :-)

Tracy said...

Fabulous, Shelby! I love the feeling of movement.

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Thanks Tracy. :-)