Saturday, February 21, 2015

PARIS SEWED UP. Digital Collage. Shelby Pizzarro

PARIS SEWED UP - Digital Collage
Ah...Paris in the Springtime. And Spring is such a dreamy season. It is when we finally are able to shake off this icyWinter weather. It won't be long before the season of warm sweet breezes caresses us. I am ever hopeful.

The next challenge for the Lunagirl Moonbeam Design Team is "Sewing".  I do appreciate the talent of anyone who can sew. Although my Mom is an excellent seamstress, it was a skill I never mastered.

When looking through the beautiful Lunagirl images, the woman with the wistful smile appealed to me.  When I think about sewing, this is how I feel. As I hope for Spring, I am ever hopeful that someday I will go beyond my very skillful button replacement sewing and hem stitching upping. So when I think of sewing my thoughts run to Fashion and Fashion comes home to Paris.

I wanted the woman to take center stage in the work. From my own digital ephemera collection I started the piece with a postcard of the Eiffel Tower with postage stamp. I added pattern paper complete with directions. And a dream isn't a dream unless you have a limitless sky surrounding you. I finished the collage with the joyfully optimistic yellow roses...perhaps a symbol of her future in Fashion Design!

I guess my sewing dreams, like thoughts of Spring, will continue. Is there a skill you are ever hopefully wanting to master?


Sue Marrazzo said...

I like the PARIS reference,
and the technique with the Eiffel Tower!
You should look for a Digital Art Community on Blogger...I follow a few. Your work would fit in so well with these. All the best, Shelby = )

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Thanks for your comments.
I never really thought about the Digital Art Community...thanks for the tip. Are there any Groups you like? Again...thanks!

Mary Beth Brath said...

Things I would like to master? Hmm. There are so many. I am not sure I would ever let myself except the idea of mastering anything. In the fine art painting arena, I always wondered about the term. I guess the term is handed out by a committee of "they". Your posts make me think Shelby Pizzarro! Your artwork makes me stir with emotions. Love it.