Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer's End by Julie Riker

Where did the last month go?  It's been so long since I posted here and now the summer is over.

8x24 oil
This past weekend I participated in the Chincoteague Plein Air event for the fourth consecutive year.
"Summer's End: was one of 7 paintings that I did during the 3 day event which ended in a Saturday evening sale.  I brought this unusual size canvas with the intent of painting a beach scene but decided to use it for the sunset on the Wildlife Refuge.  I had to work quickly to capture the changing colors in the sky.  It did not take long before it was too dark and I could no longer see my work.  As soon as the sun went down the mosquitoes came out and chased me away.  I finished the painting that evening in my hotel room from memory.
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Sue Marrazzo said...

Absolutely Stunning!

Mary Beth Brath said...

Lovely painting Julie. You were brave to race against the setting sun. I chickened out in MV last week and just took photos. The camera never captures the true beauty.

Julie Riker said...

Thanks Sue and Mary Beth! You should try painting the sunset - it's fun!