Saturday, June 7, 2014

More painting process by Nancy Herman

Too much information in yesterday's version so I moved the boy again, this time right into the blue green area.  I like this but  - whoops it's not the right size and if I'm going to go with the shadow I want the whole tree shadow.  That would make a nice square painting - but I don't have a square canvas so that composition too is for another day.

What is this painting about anyway?  Well we have a guy carrying trash and we have a barrel full of trash on a lovely day.  This is what life is often about.  Shall I zero in and make it just the guy with the trash or include the looming tree and the trash barrel?  I adjusted the light and went with the looming tree and the trash barrel.  Tomorrow - on to the canvas.

1 comment:

Linda Young said...

I like the looming tree in it so my vote is to leave it. It appears as if he's deep in thought and those tree shadows just makes it more mysterious.

I also like him in the blue green area and the changes you made.