Friday, June 20, 2014

Julie Riker to exhibit in Italian Lake Soiree

The Fountain At Italian Lake

This Saturday night, the 21st, I will be showing my work at the Italian Lake Soiree, an art/garden party held at a private home and benefiting the Art Association of Harrisburg. I am honored to be exhibiting along with artists Steve Wetzel, Jonathan Frazier, and Brian Eppley. We will be displaying plein air works created at the lake and surrounding areas.  Tickets are available from the website ($40) or at the door($45).


Sue Marrazzo said...

'Hope it went well, Julie!
I was at a wedding today at the Italian Lake.
I saw this fountain there, and I thought of you and your lovely Painting!

Julie Riker said...

Sue, there was a wedding going on across the lake from the soiree. A violinist was playing and we could hear it as background to our show...lovely. I was happy to see 2 paintings and the other artists sold work as well.

Tatiana Myers said...

Like this one a lot. Hope all event was nice. Too bad couldn't go and see it. I love Italian lake.

Julie Riker said...

Thanks Tatiana! This fountain painting sold at the event. It was a great success and the Art Association raise around $3,000.