Monday, May 5, 2014

"Spring in the Garden", pastel, Plein Air, Tatiana Myers.

"Spring in The Garden", 8 x 10", pastel.

Painted today, about 1 1/5 hours session in Longwood Gardens, PA.
Very limited palette of pastels and few pastel pencils. Maybe 20 in total.
Had terrific photoshoot, after I finished with this ├ętude.
What a beautiful day! Enjoyed a perfect outing
with my husband of 15 years, who once upon a time
introduced me to this beautiful place....


Sue Marrazzo said...

What a sweet post, Tatiana!
I remember being there as a youth with my family.
This is lovely, and it has a special meaning for you!
Enjoy SPRING and painting outdoors = )

Linda Young said...

A very nice sentimental post which had such wonderful memories for you. I know where this place is; John and I found it on our morning walk Tuesday. I wanted to paint it but instead moved on to just take in the lovely scenery. Nice work Tatiana