Friday, May 30, 2014

An Art Auction By Sue Marrazzo

This painting was an auction piece for a local charity auction. I love supporting the arts and a good cause. This painting was only shown once, and I decided to donate it. This photo is not the most professional. It was the only shot of it before auction. It had a lot of texture, and I painted it as an abstract earthscape. I hope to create more art in this style in the next couple months. 

Title: Abstract Earthscape 2
Medium: Acrylic
Art Auction Donation
Artist: Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS


Jess said...

I love the colours and textures! How lovely to donate it to a good cause.
Jess x

Cecelia Lyden said...

I love the style and I love this painting, Sue.

Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks, Jess and Cecelia for the + comments.

Jane said...

Very generous of you , the painting is gorgeous !

Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks, Jane!