Friday, April 4, 2014

Violets and Lemons, painting from life. Watercolor by Linda Young

"Violets and Lemons", 12 x 16. Watercolor

Without my Monday painting group, I think I'd be lost.  I enjoy painting with fellow artists and most of us work on still life set ups that change every week.  We've all become pretty good friends too.  There's always someone who brings in something for a display.  

I really enjoy painting objects from life; it's a challenge to try to capture the essence of the objects in front of me.  Years ago, it took me six hours just to get a drawing done and I feel like I have moved a bit forward since then.  The majority of this painting was done that day; only when I got home did I complete the background.and table shadows.  

Violets really are one of my favorite flowers, especially the purple shaded ones.  I will take this to class this coming Monday for critiquing.  Unless there's something major that I've missed; I think I'm finished painting this one and signed it.

Linda Young Watercolors P O Box 941 Carlisle, Pa. 17013


Sharon K Benner said...


Charlotte Yealey said...

Whenever I see African violets, I think of my grandmother. She had pots of them in every window. This is a very lovely composition and you did a really great job. Thanks for the memories!

Cecelia Lyden said...

So delicate--looks and feels like it was"tenderly" painted with love.

Linda Young said...

Thank you, This painting will be at Brath and Hughes in the very near future.