Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Salad fixings, Linda Young Watercolors

"Salad fixings", 8 x 16" watercolor by Linda Young

Here's another painting with the cabbage as one of the main characters in the still life. This one was more leafy and green and not as tightly packed as "Veggies Anyone?" was last week.  While I was painting this, the aroma of the cut red onion drifted around the room and I kept thinking I needed to go home to make a salad for dinner that evening! 
Pompeian Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, onion and Cabbage...what would you make with these ingredients?  This would make a nice painting for someone's kitchen even if you're not a gourmet chef.
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Sue Marrazzo said...

WoW, Linda!
What details!
A NICE watercolor ( :

Linda Young said...

Thank you Sue