Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sach's Covered Bridge by Dianne Lorden

Lately I've been trying different supports from my usual choices. This is Gator Board, a very lightweight sanded surface; this one was a sort a brickish-colored brown. There are some areas of this pastel (done from a photo I took while painting en plein air last fall) that I am happy with - like the trees. Odd, as I usually hate the trees. But, here, I'm not happy with the water or the bridge. The wall is so-so.
Honestly, I've pastelled this bridge a have dozen times and I'm always disappointed. Guess I'll keep trying.
My fine art website is: South Mountain Sketchbook


Sue Marrazzo said...

Dianne...LOVE the trees, too!

Tatiana Myers said...

Dianne, just like Sue pointed out, Your problem with painting of this bridge(at list with this particular painting) is: You trying to paint a bridge, but during the process You getting in affair with those trees.

Beautiful work on trees, but You hardly can have two main players in the same painting - one is always going to loose.

If You will cover most of the bridge up with piece of paper and leave just the right side of the painting shown, you will get absolutely stunning piece of art work. But no, it will be NOT about the bridge.

Just saying... very beautiful painting, I just would crop it differently to turn it into perfect painting. No offense... Just trying to help a bit.

Dianne Lorden said...

Cool, yes, I did have an affair with the trees! How funny!
Perhaps try painting the bridge without much attention to the surrounding area -- might work out better, as you say. Or maybe I could just sort of shove this bridge into the creek and make it about the trees! ;) Thanks so much for thoughtful comments!