Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Iris #4 Original Art Floral Painting by Mary Beth Brath - Daily Painter of Pennsylvania

Iris #4 by Mary Beth Brath
10x8" Acrylic on Panel
The fourth painting in my Iris Series is one of my favorites.  The abstract shapes and the weaving of the leaves were so fun to create. This is the first one in the series to show a hint of sky.


Sue Marrazzo said...

Hi MB,
It's nice to see your progress
in this floral collection!
'You Go GIRL!

Cecelia Lyden said...

Great series of paintings!

Mary Beth Brath said...

Thanks Ladies! Your encouragement is very appreciated.

Mary Beth Brath said...
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Tatiana Myers said...

Truly enjoying Your Iris series, Mary Beth. Just saying!