Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Waiting" by Deborah Nell

10" x 13 Watercolor and Acrylic Ink on Yupo paper  $145.00
This painting is number 5 in the 30 day challenge. It is different than most paintings I've done in that I don't normally paint landscapes or flowers. But this painting does have a person in it and that is usually what I paint. She is waiting in the silence with an expectant heart. And just the act of waiting is enough right now. I'm enjoying the discipline of painting a painting every day. We'll see what tomorrow brings. This painting can be purchased on my etsy store at


Sue Marrazzo said...

The flowers and landscape part are lovely..
you should continue with more in your
future work, Deborah ( :

Deborah Nell said...

Thank you Sue.

Sharon K Benner said...

What a wonderful painting to look at on a 1 degree day!