Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Tree Graces", Pastel by Tatiana Myers.

"Tree Graces", 6 x 6", Pastel.

My latest small pastel painting on self-prepared board. 
I'm remembering good old times in my chemical lab and playing with
own pastel grounds lately. I believe it is getting better.
This piece of board turned out to my total "like".
What I believe shows in my painting too.
Can not wait to jump to my next one!


Amy Lindenberger said...

I complimented your use of subdued lighting in this piece, on Facebook. But seeing it a little larger here, I'd also like to mention what nice movement it has. I can almost feel the breeze!

Maywyn Studio said...

The light in the background makes my eyes light up. Well done.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Amy! I totally loved working on this new surface and got carried away a bit with trying of different things... what shows. Yes, it was supposed to be plenty of movement and dancing light even there is no sky in this painting. I'm glad it worked out and You can see both.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Maywyn Studio!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Wow...what details for a small painting!!!

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Sue!