Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One more time, GRIEF, 16X12 by Sharon Benner

Thanks for all your comments.  I thought I would share my progress on this painting.  After staring at the painting for days, and rereading a book I have "Oil Painting Secrets from a Master" by Linda Cateura that quotes David Leffel's views on painting I decided to stop looking at my model (other painting) and paint what the painting needed, so I faded out the one hand (decided it wasn't important) and made some changes to the nose and lips.  You are right, Julie Riker, so much can change in a portrait  with a little dab of paint!  I think I made her more attractive, and that makes the whole painting better.


Mary Beth Brath said...

Great post Sharon. I have really enjoyed following this piece.

Charlotte Yealey said...

A very dramatic painting. Makes me wonder why she is so sad.

Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks for sharing!