Thursday, January 30, 2014

Commissioned painting of "Marcia's Garden", Linda Young artist

This was a commissioned watercolor painting, 15" x 22" called Marcia's Garden.

Using several photographs of Marcia's garden, I wanted to create a panorama of her peaceful and beautiful garden.  She asked for me to take out the rooftops of the houses in the background and put blue sky in their place.  She wanted the tall fence painted in and told me "I love my fence".  She had it installed when she was designating her space. She told me what colors the roses and some of the flowers were; when I took the photographs of them, the blooms were already spent. I had to guess by the description she gave me.  In deciding to put the pieces of the puzzle together, I wanted the viewer to feel as though they were sitting on her back porch looking out into the garden.

I presented it to her today in my salon and she loved the way I put the fence in and the layout of the garden.  She didn't want any matting or framing done, just wanted the painting itself.

I know she was pleased.  She sold the home at this location last summer; now,  this will be the view of the old garden from her new home

Linda Young Watercolors and fine art
P O Box 941 Carlisle, Pa.  17015


Sue Marrazzo said...

Kudos to you, Linda!
You have such attention to detail.
It is beautiful!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

What a beautiful remembrance of her home, Linda!

Linda Young said...

Thanks to you both. It's good to be painting again

Mary Beth Brath said...

Lovely post Linda.

Linda Young said...

Thank you Mary Beth