Monday, December 30, 2013

The Marshlands Collection by Christine Goldbeck

The Marshlands Collection is growing.
Marshlands VII - December Snow
Marshlands II - Morning Fog

Places and spaces overlooked for ugly or for dead lured me to paint this series. There are eight paintings now and all are in handmade float frames. 

Marshlands, or swamps, or bogs, are full of life, if one bothers to stop and see. Egrets, heron, butterflies, all kinds of plants and flowers flourish in these watery places. Marshes are usually low-lying wetlands situated between land and water, thereby making them transitional places. My marshlands are vernal pools, which are temporary and often have trees.

Color, line, texture, scattered light and reflection are features of my photographs and my painting. Marshlands, then, are perfect for the exploration of art elements and design principles.

More than likely, these paintings are rooted in my memories of long walks through the abandoned coal lands of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised. 

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Mary Beth Brath said...

Hi Christine! So good to see your post. I have a love of wetlands also. Have a great new year full of creativity!