Saturday, December 14, 2013

Born To Be Wild. Collage. Shelby Pizzarro

Born To Be Wild - Collage
Colour surrounds us. It defines our world in so many ways. It enhances the environment in which we surround ourselves...from the way we decorate our homes to the clothes we wear...and even the colour of our hair! How often do we, without even thinking about it, use colour in our speech? We could be a true blue friend, or get the green light on a project, or still be caught in a grey area. We react instantaneously. We love or hate certain colours. I like the quote by Murasaki Shikibu: "Beauty without colour seems somehow to belong to another world."  How fortunate we are to live in a world that embraces colour!

The remains of Autumn in Pennsylvania today are quietly covered in snow. It is on days like today that I appreciate colour even more. The deep browns and blacks of the limbs of the trees and the odd yellow or orange leaf peeking out from the snow, the vibrant reds and blues of the cardinals and blue jays as they search for the bird seed I have out for them all remind me of the romance we have with colour.

Which leads me to my collage. I came across a quote by the celebrated dancer Isadora Duncan: "You were wild once, don't let them tame you." Considered a Muse, she inspired those around her to step outside the conventional social mores of the day. You could say she led a colourful life on and off the stage.

The photo of the high kicking women from my vintage photo collection intrigued me. Where were they? I wonder what brought them to such wild abandon! What a perfect way to compliment the quote. Exploring the symbolism of colour the reds, pinks, and golds...the high energy pallet complimented with colour on the wing...called to me.

The substrate is a canvas panel. I stencilled and rubber stamped the background with various shades of acrylic paint and Distress Inks. The high kicking women, type from an old dictionary, and butterflies completed the work.

Colour is a Muse, always there to guide us. We can follow her and live a life filled with all spectrum of colour if we never tame our authentic Dreams.


Sue Marrazzo said...

The colors really do speak to me!
Also the symbolism here tells a GREAT story, Shelby!

Mary Beth Brath said...

I agree with Sue. This just makes me happy.

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Thanks Sue!

Glad you liked the story as well.

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Hi there Mary Beth,

:-) That photo always makes me smile!

Glad you liked the piece.