Friday, December 13, 2013

3 days of water...color! by Tatiana Myers

Last 3 days I spent in Mechanicsburg Art Center playing with watercolors. 
This was a second time when I got to study with one of my all-time
favorite watercolor artists/teachers - Larry Lombardo.
Last time we saw each other about 3 years ago. It was great to see him again
refresh old stuff and learn a few new things what he recently came up with
(Larry did change his pallet and color mixing system somewhat,
compare to what I knew from before).
We had wonderful time and ended up with beautiful little paintings of this lovely young lady. 
Larry will be teaching another class in January 2014.
Everybody who is interested hurry up to jump in!
As for me... I may conceder painting something in watercolor over this winter,
just need to get those new Larry's secret colors and I'll be good to go!


Sue Marrazzo said...

Nice post...
There is nothing better than having a student promote their instructor! Great advise, and work, Tatiana!!!!

Mary Beth Brath said...

Wow - seems like you were just studying with him recently...I can't believe how fast time goes.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank you, Sue and Mary Beth! yes, it feels like it was just.. now. But indeed it is 3 years ago or something like that. Yes, time goes fast. He came up with a bit different color mixing system now and it is lesser confusing to me. I got totally spoiled with those pastels when nothing needed to be mixed, You just pick the color You want!