Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Tree across of the River" Pastel by Tatiana Myers.

"Tree across of the River"
10 x 8" Pastel on mounted Wallis,
Watercolor underpainting.

Today Irina and me went to McKees Half-Falls rest area on Susquehanna.
I love that place - so beautiful and so much to paint.
This time I made very uncomplicated choice of single turning tree
on other side of river. I started from pencil sketch,
then went to watercolor underpainting and finished my work with pastels.
We had about two hours of perfect time, before I lost the light,
but I was just about done by then.
This ├ętude is available at DPW auction
 and I'll post more about this painting session on my personal blog.

1 comment:

Sue Marrazzo said...

I think the single tree really says a lot...
isolated, refined, singled out.
What a nice mm painting : )