Friday, October 4, 2013

mount gretna by kim smith

I took this photo while I was at the Mount Gretna Art Show in August. I love all the cute little cottages. It always looks so calm and peaceful, how I unrealistically wish life would be! Might be fun to try to get into the art show for next year. Do any of you show your work there?


Kathy Michels said...

Very cute - I can feel the calmness of this beautiful place! Great Job!

Tatiana Myers said...

No... didn't show there.. Tried to get in once for emerging artist category (in their description it was a person who didn't do more then few shows). I had noe of those and applied... they turned down and told me, it didn't look as "emerging artist's work". I still think maybe try it someday... heard it is a good show.