Saturday, September 28, 2013

Harvest of the Arts, Old Courthouse view, watercolor by Linda Young

I had to work today until 3pm and decided to go to the Harvest of the Arts in Carlisle.  My husband dropped me off around 3:15 and I roamed West High Street with backpack on my back and all the painting equipment I would need within it.  The light wasn't especially strong when I began to draw the Old Courthouse; but by the time I started to put the paint onto the paper, the light was bright and colors were vivid.  This was done along the alley next to the historic church  near Line & Line Jewelers.

This was drawn in pencil then in ink adding watercolor to the painting.  Needing a steady hand, I waited until I got home to put in the fine lines in the trees; the rest was done on site.  I stood in the alley on the sidewalk talking to people as they walked by and handed out cards too.  Several people were from out of state.  The Army Band played rock music for an hour; and I gotta say they were really good too.

This is a painting of the Old Courthouse, dome and some of the courtyard beneath it.  By the time I completed the painting for the day, there were ten pigeons sitting in a row on the weathervane and the time was 5:45pm.

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Sue Marrazzo said...

What a nice post!
The painting is very joyful...Just like your day, Linda!