Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Quiet Story", pastel by Tatiana Myers.

"Quiet Story", 8 x 10", pastel on Wallis.

Last two weeks I spent painting and taking pictures in Washington State.
It was third year of me taking workshop with my favorite pastel artist
and master-teacher - Richard McKinley.
Our group had exceptional time at Dakota Pastels art center
located at beautiful Mount Vernon.
This is one of my Plein Air pastel studies I did there.
Mostly finished on location with only slight polishing in our classroom...
I will be posting more later. This is an only of of many studies I finished there.


Sharon K Benner said...

Beautiful and tranquil!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks for sharing...I bet it was an awesome workshop!
You are very blessed to go to Mt. Vernon, too.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, ladies! It was wonderful to able paint of location again... It is a luxury at my case but I totally enjoy it.

Mary Beth Brath said...

Wonderful post Tatiana. You are so fortunate to have a wonderful mentor.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Mary Beth! I feel more then fortunate... I could only dream about opportunity to work with teacher like this.