Saturday, August 10, 2013

"I Was A Love Cult Priestess". ATC. Shelby Pizzarro

"I was a Love Cult Priestess" ATC
Such drama...such intrigue...The Roaring Twenties. It was a time of change from the dramatic acting of the "Silent Movies" to "Talking Pictures" innovation that could make or break many a career.

Looking through an old magazine from the 1920's I came across this vintage photo. It was quite daring and I felt she need to be in an equally daring setting. From the various art and handmade papers I had on my work table, thoughts of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle raced through my mind.

That "come-hither" look, the exotic papers, it all directed me to a design of a woman who was "brave, bold, and brilliant".

The image was perfect for an Artist Trading Card, also known as ATC's. For a collage artist the ATC concept is fantastic! First exhibited and traded in Switzerland in 1996 by artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann, ATC's are an extremely popular method of trading art.

My Card is on manila stock. I used hand made and art papers, tissue paper, inks, and dyes. The text was cut from various sources.

The Twenties, like today, was a time of innovation and striking change. Thankfully we have the Muse to nudge in the right direction.