Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Mystery of Violet Oakley by Shelby Pizzarro

The Mystery of Violet Oakley

Hi there. I'm new here, so please let me introduce myself and my work. I am Shelby Pizzarro and I live in Dillsburg. My life in the Visual Arts has been as a commercial Screen Printer, Printmaker, and Illustrator. I am a graduate of the York Academy of Arts, York, PA.

I have always loved collage work and recently began taking classes with another Daily Painter member, Sue Marrazzo at the Art Center School & Galleries, Mechanicsburg. The class is great fun and I would recommend it if you see collage in your artistic future.

The Mystery of Violet Oakley was a class project. The technique was to weave the paper into the finished art. It is a conventional piece. The substrate is  canvas. In addition to the photo of Violet, I used handmade paper, art paper, ribbon, joss paper,  a letter written by Violet,  and pressed rose petals.

If you would like to see more of my work, please do visit my blog, Sisterhood of the Muse.

Once again, Hello...nice to see the variety of great work on the blog. I hope you enjoy my "non-painter" efforts.

Sisterhood of the Muse


Julie Riker said...

Hi Shelby, welcome to the blog!
I love Violet Oakley's work. I was fortunate to spend 6 years working on the restoration of the PA Capitol and study her murals up close. A muralist myself, I am amazed that she took on such an immense contract at a time when women rarely did so. Her murals display strong political ideas even though, at the time, women could not even vote.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Welcome to Daily Painters of Pennsylvania, Shelby! I enjoyed reading about this piece (as well as Julie Riker's comments about Violet Oakley). I think your beautiful work is going to add another wonderful dimension to our group!

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Hi Julie and Claire,

Thanks for your kind words, and for taking the time to leave a comment.

Violet certainly was a woman ahead of her time. Julie, it must have been a wonderful experience to work on such an interesting project!

And Claire, thanks for your encouragement! :-)

Mary Beth Brath said...

Welcome to the Daily Painters of Pennsylvania Shelby. This is a wonderful first post. Email or call me anytime if you have questions or concerns.

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Hi there Mary Beth,

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope this will be the first of many!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Welcome to the DPP, Shelby!!!!
What a nice surprise.....'Congrats!

Cecelia Lyden said...

Welcome Shelby-I'm a retirered art instructor and had projects on weaving as art-love the composition and palette of this piece.

Wendelyn said...

I'm a big fan of the golden age of illustration which of course includes Violet Oakely. I'm also a textile artist myself so this piece really speaks to me. thank you so much for sharing. I also grew up, in part, in Lewisberry so we might have been neighbors at one time! Best regards, Wendelyn Anderson

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Hi Sue. Thanks! :-) Nice to "see" you here too! :-)

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Hi there Cecelia,

Thanks for your kind words. I hope you like my other work as well. :-)

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Hi Wendelyn,

The Golden Age of Illustration is very close to my heart as well. Glad you enjoyed seeing the piece.

I'm kind of new to Dillsburg...but I do enjoy living here.

Again, thanks for the comment!