Friday, July 26, 2013

egg tempera underpainting

I've been busier at work than my lack of recent posts suggests. But here's what I'm currently experimenting with. I used to work in egg tempera underpaintings (for oils) and just whipped up my first batch in many years, having discovered my old "potters pigments." There are many recipes for egg tempera -- mine consists of egg yolk, damar varnish, refined linseed oil and water. This is mixed with dry color or powdered pigments and is generally used for underpaintings. My training for portraits called for highlights in white and shadows in terre verde. I did find that the titanium white had granulated a bit, which surprised me. I had to re-grind it in a morter and pestle to get result with the same smooth quality I recall (and actually, I think it does need further grinding). The green was fine. So, I'll likely sand the underpainting a tad, when fully dry, to remove some of the granular effect, before applying glazes in oil.
Oh, and this is a picture of my grand-daughter Molly with her American Girl Molly doll. I thought a "double portrait", so to speak, would be a good exercise!
Keep you posted!
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Sue Marrazzo said...

Dianne...I really enjoy seeing behind the scenes of artists...Looking Good!