Thursday, May 30, 2013

Victory Garden, en plein air, by Dianne Lorden

This morning, during my early rounds of our yard, I was inspired to create a pastel of this flower bed while the sun was still just peaking in. So, armed with coffee and still in my PJs, I worked till my husband called me for breakfast (yes, spoiled) and then took a break. Of course, the light had moved along when I returned ... I declared myself done at 11:15 a.m.
The title, aside from being a nod to Memorial Day, reflects that this garden does indeed represent a victory. At one time, someone had planted it with many sun-loving perennials. But, it has languished in the shade for years and we've never seen any of them bloom. During the past two years, we've had to do a lot of tree removal. One of the outcomes has been the absolute miracle of what this flower bed has accomplished this spring! I'm so happy for the plants - especially the peonies and iris - for finally reaching there potential. I've only captured some of what grows here, which also includes hosta, everlasting peas, ferns and Solomon's Seal. The bed is situated along a national park fence. On the other side is a meadow and monuments: the only such location within the Borough of Gettysburg.
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Kathy Michels said...

Such a beautiful happy spring piece! Love the story too. It always means so much to hear the stories that go with the paintings!

Sue Marrazzo said...

'LOVE this and your post!