Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sherfy Farm, GNMP by Dianne Lorden

I took a photo in April of the Sherfy Farm, from a vantage point that shows the Spangler Farm in the background. It was only a few weeks ago, but you can see from the pastel I recently finished how the leaves were completely bare at the time and the grasses had not yet greened up. Boy, how quickly things change in the spring! But I liked the "thin" light of that earlier spring afternoon. And I had a marvelous time with the fencing; a lesson in patience.
We also stumbled upon the foundation of the Wentz farm nearby; a very interesting explore.
My fine art website is South Mountain Sketchbook.


Sharon K Benner said...

wonderful light in this painting

Sue Marrazzo said...

Such a nice post, and so cool!