Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Rocket Man" by Michael LeKites

Still a work in progress. Due to the gloss of the paint.. this was difficult to photograph. It's a little too dark in this image so you can't quite see the stars or the color of the night sky. Seems like each image would either come out too dark or too light and there would be glare from the gloss. Oh well.

Still lots to do. Acrylic on canvas, 11x14.

The person in the rocket is me, by the way. Thought I'd have some fun. I'm also wearing goggles... hard to tell from the image but easy to see in the actual painting. Hope to have it finished in a few days. The goggles were my dad's from WWII. I found them in the attic a few weeks ago. Remembered them last night.. went up and got them. Had my wife take a pic and there I am.. flying high!

I got quite a bit more done tonight so instead of posting again in a few days.. I'll just update this post. I'm not completely finished... I'll probably continue to do some work on the night sky. Not satisfied there. Also the park down below. Probably work some more on that over the next few weeks.. but I'm done for now. I'll set it aside and come back later. Kind of process it a little. I may also add another fin to the the rocket... on top and behind.


Charlotte Yealey said...

This is so cool, Michael. I often thought about doing a night time painting but never did!

Michael LeKites said...

Thanks Charlotte!

Tatiana Myers said...

Look like You having real fun here, Michael!... Good for You.

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