Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oak Creek, 30 x 40, Acrylic on Canvas

Hello Daily Painters!  Her's a recent painting of one of my favorite places in teh world, Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, AZ.    Now that my kiddies are one a "regular" sleep schedule, I can finally get back into the studio instead of crashing at 9!  Second shift, here I come!!!! :-)  Next up is the early shift, so I can catch some dawn light plein air.

As a side note,  my coworker shot a time lapse video while I painted this, and I hope to have that on You Tube sooner rather than later... let you know when it's posted!



Mary Beth Brath said...

OMG - sooo good to see your post Jen! This is an awesome painting. Hope you can exhibit with us at the Capitol again this year.

Jennifer VonStein said...

Thanks! I would love to exhibit again. But I might have spoke too soon. As I type, I hear sweet Ellie starting to whimper in her crib...dang teeth!!!! But once she is down, up to the studio I go!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Hi Jennifer!
'Glad to view this wonderful WORK of ART!

Cecelia Lyden said...

Jennifer-beautiful, exciting painting and kudos to the artist who can still find time to paint with babes in the crib.