Friday, January 25, 2013

Untitled WIP by Michael LeKites

I've been working on this painting off and on for at least a year or more. I've painted over nearly every part of it many times. I began this when I first transitioned to oils. As I've grown more comfortable with oil paint, I return to it and work a little further. I think... ( I use those words cautiously) I think I have my over all composition finally about done.  The line, the directions and the basic geography. Where it will all end up I do not know. That's the fun of this piece. It is really just something for pure creativity, imagination and fun. While learning along the way.
I want to continue with a lot of color... but once I have my colors positioned I will then attempt to tone some down to make the light more believable.
I also apologize for the poor image.  Since the paint is wet the painting is shiny and difficult to photo. Never have this problem when photographing my acrylic pieces.

Oil on canvas, 24x30

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Debra Kreiger said...

Interesting concept of our wonderful world viewed from the artist eyes!