Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saguaro at Sunset by Rebecca Jennings (Sunny) 30/30 #17

"Saguaro at Sunset"
4" x 5"
Oil on stretched canvas
This is part of the painting challenge to jump-start my painting efforts for 2013.
My theme is centered on my travels this winter in my 1996 29' Winnebago RV. I am having such fun painting some of the main types of cacti I have seen here near Tucson, AZ. Improving and diversifying my painting subjects has been one of the main goals of my travels. My goals for this challenge are to pick up speed in my painting, and be freer in my use of color and brushwork.
This challenge has been offered by artist Leslie Saeta. Link here to join in or see paintings of other artists. I am glad to be participating in this challenge, and seeing the efforts of other artists as well.
You can see more of my work at my blog "Sunny's Studio"
Some of my paintings are available. If you see something you are interested in purchasing or would like me to do a commission for you, please email me privately at for details on pricing .
Thanks for viewing!


Sue Marrazzo said...

I like the Loose look of this painting!
Way to go, Sunny!

Michael LeKites said...

Interesting pieces! the desert has all it's own colors! Very nice.

Cecelia Lyden said...

Love your arrangement and "prickly" brushwork.

Bertie Brown said...

Dessert Deserts!

Julie Riker said...

Love the warms and cools in this Sunny!

Sunny said...

Thank you all so much!