Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Mini Challenge Continues on the DPP Challenge Blog

DPP Challenge Blog News Flash!

We're going to extend the 'How Small Can You Go' challenge
 another month.  The entries so far have been exceptional,
and we're hoping to get more...

The plan is to have a special exhibit of all of the 
entries at Brath and Hughes Fine Art Gallery, L.L.C.
Details about Dates of Exhibit, framing, presentation, 
shipping/delivering your work, etc. for
this exhibit will be forthcoming.



Sue Marrazzo said...

Every DPP member should give this a shot...It's Fun!

Tatiana Myers said...

Beautiful idea! Maybe I'll have time this month to do new mini.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...
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Mary Beth Brath said...

I would also like to encourage all members to give this a try. What I found is that I enjoy doing ATC size paintings, but 1" squared is not for me! I have sold a few around the 2" size and ATC size. I used a magnifying glass to paint the super mini I did for this challenge. Let me tell you...I got it out of my system.